cookout downtown: GranVia invites

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cookout downtown: GranVia invites

Martes, 18 de mayo de 2010, por irinaurumova

The project aims to promote more closely-knit and environmentally aware urban communities through neighborhood cookouts with locally grown, ideally organic ingredients.  The cookouts will be organized on weekends in the downtown Madrid neighborhood of Tribunal/Ballesta/Noviciado, in the immediate vicinity of the famous tourist destination of Gran Via.  Cookout locations will change on “pop-up” basis, but will not cross the neighborhood boundaries to ensure the development of stronger ties among neighbors.

The cookouts will bring together individuals and families living in the neighborhood, but any interested persons will be welcome to come and participate by sharing recipes, learning other people´s recipes, helping with the cooking or just buying the cooked food.  All proceeds will be reinvested in the project.  The ingredients will come from farmer´s markets and/or will be grown by the neighborhood residents in their backyards.  Promoting organic urban gardening will play an important role as a collateral project goal.  Cookout proceeds will be used, in part, to purchase soil and seeds.

The advantages of the project are its low investment-intensiveness and the resulting sustainability.  The project requires only minimal initial investment (to purchase items such as barbecue kits, portable outdoor cookers and cooking pots) and small recurring expenses to buy expendable supplies (paper cups and plates for the cookouts and soil and seeds for the gardening project segment, as well as raw cooking ingredients that do not come from the neighborhood gardens).  The recurring expenses will be financed out of the cookout proceeds.

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