¡pinhole me! GranVia

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¡pinhole me! GranVia

Martes, 18 de mayo de 2010, por irinaurumova

The project pursues the objective of documenting through the use of pinhole cameras the changing realities of life in the downtown Madrid neighborhood of Tribunal/Ballesta/Noviciado, in the immediate vicinity of the important city artery of Gran Via.  The neighborhood is of extraordinary historical importance, but, unlike the adjoining neigborhoods of San Bernardo or Alonso Martinez, has never been gentrified and still retains its original atmosphere.  The neighborhood hosts a large number of alternative stores (mainly vintage, punk and goth) and open-front markets selling everything from jewelry to T-shirts to organic food.  Some parts of it in the past used to be crime-ridden (drug dealing and prostitution), but joint efforts of community-minded small business owners helped transform the neighborhood into a safe and vibrant one.  Documenting the way the neighborhood has changed and is further developing would therefore be of immense historical importance for Madrid.  The choice of pinhole camera as the photographic instrument is key to the project, due to the cult status of the pinhole camera as well as the blurry, “transient” nature of pinhole images.  The project is of ongoing nature and will include regular open shows in the neighborhood.

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